Choosing the correct outfit can really make such

a difference in your photos.

Be You

Accessorise with statement pieces. You can stay within your personal style but elevate your look.

Comfort Meets Style

Be stylish but comfortable so you're not constantly adjusting yourself and self-conscious.

Wear clothes that you love, this will make you feel confident in front of the camera.

Even if you're making a point of wearing something out of the ordinary,

try to make sure you're ready to rock it before your photoshoot.

See-Through Outfits

Ladies - when choosing clothing especially dresses, please bare in mind, if the dress is coming across see-through in the photos because of the style in which I shoot (golden glowy sun), I take no responsibility - I cannot edit every single photo where the whole dress looks fake and overly edited.

Rather choose a dress or shirt not so thin. I personally love to see a little skin but that's me and might not be you.

And....always nude underwear if you're worried about it.

Hair and Makeup

I can always see a difference in my photos when my clients make an effort.

A pop of lip colour can do magical things on camera but less is more, keep it simple.

Men - I love a beard so don't feel you need to get rid of it, just tidy it up.

And please please please, no makeup on kids, they're naturally beautiful.

Consider the Season

Spring / Summer - white, greys, pale blues, pinks and greens.

Autumn / Winter - maroon, navy, mustard, rust, olive and black.

And ALWAYS Neutrals.

Neutral Colours = Timeless

I feel I need to mention the importance of Neutral colours in photoshoots. Not only does it create a classic natural look that will last until your Grandchildren hold that photo in their hands but it also matches all of South Africa's surroundings. 

Complimenting your surroundings is important.

Stay Clear 

I always advise my clients to stay away from neon, graphic tees and anything with wording or branding. Keep the Quicksilver and Paw Patrol Tee's in the cupboard for the day.

Flow and Movement

Sometimes clothes that are flowing help the composition of the photo by providing leading lines. If you're outdoors and it's a little windy, let that play to your advantage with your clothing to achieve a different effect.


I Do Not Do Props. When I think of props all I can think of is cheesy chalkboards & items you find at a craft shop. You can include non-cheesey props such as a neutral blanket or a fedora hat.

And.... leave your cell phones in the car, they often appear in Hubby's front jean pocket as an extra prop :)

Intimate Sessions

Mama Session - neutral underwear, kimonos and a pretty dress.

Couples - depends what kind of photos you're after, some of my couples go all glam or just strip down to minimal clothes.

At Home Sessions

You don't walk around your house in high heels & a dress? Or closed shoes?

The more skin, the better. Tank tops & jeans or a baggy jersey. And ALWAYS barefoot!

neutral colours can go with any scenery