The Weather in Summer in JoBurg has become very unpredictable and most of the Weather Apps are unreliable, it has happened far too many times where we've postponed the photoshoot because of Weather and then it turns out to be a beautiful afternoon or we go ahead with the photoshoot & it buckets down. If the weather is bad - I can only make a decision on whether the photoshoot will go ahead 1 hour before the photoshoot itself.

We'll go ahead with the photoshoot if it's cloudy but if there's Lightning within 10km of our location, the photoshoot will be postponed.

According to the National Geographic, South Africa is the Lightning Capital of the World.

(Yes I have an App for Lightning too).

Autumn and Winter are absolutely beautiful for Photoshoots, no rain, mild days and earlier sunsets, not to mention the golden grasses.

*Glowy Sun Photos* - I get asked all the time: 'We want the glowy sun photos.'

I cannot control the weather and therefore cannot guarentee glowy photos, it's the right place at the right time kinda thing.

Below are some examples of some photoshoots in the Seasons.


September to March

This is our rainy season and I've noticed over the past years of being in photography that our Summers have become alot wetter. The rain is needed though and brings new growth - some people prefer the greener grasses and flowers.

Please keep in mind when booking urgent photoshoots like Maternity Shoots that we might have to postpone a few times because of the rain.


April to August

My absolute favourite time to shoot. No Rain & Golden Light!

Johannesburg has very mild winters and most of the time you don't even need a jumper or jacket.

The sun is soft giving off the most beautiful light & the gold grasses are always a firm favourite.