Andrea & Lara

Tam doesn’t only capture photographs she captures peoples hearts, especially the hearts of little humans. Thank you for being apart of my family’s photographic journey and having me be apart of your creative genius. Mothers both new and seasoned need to experience the “Mama Love Sessions”, it spoke to my soul and reminded me to embrace my body and my breastfeeding story. It was so much fun and meaningful to meet a group of strong and diverse mama’s .

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Ben & Estee

I just wanted to say thank you for the shoot on Sunday. I'm so grateful for everything, it was a wonderful experience and it kinda healed me in what I'm going through.

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Create a Timeline

This will help your vendors understand what you want out of your day.

The more details the better, even all your Vendor mobile numbers would be appreciated in case anything needs attending.

Timing and Light

It's always good to chat to your photographer when choosing your venue and time of the ceremony. We have done this a few times and know what time is best. We have to consider the Ceremony & Family Photos before the Golden Hour Couple Session.

Family Photos

I know this is important but try limit to absolute immediate family. The family are tired and hungry -

the last thing they want is an hour of photos, chopping and changing groups. Keep it short and sweet.

If someone is not present, it is not the photographers fault.

Consider a First Look

You will get to have some precious alone time that you may otherwise not have been able to get.  

Best of all, you will be able to enjoy the ceremony more, as it will be easier for you to take it all in.

Small Details

If you want detail photos of your dress, shoes, perfume, ring or whatever might be special to you, have it ready. Make your photographer’s job easier by having these sentiments set aside so when they arrive they can just pick it up, style it where they prefer, get the shots and come back to photographing you and your bride’s‑babes.


Not only will this break the ice and settle the nerves but it makes for great photos! Have one bridesmaid (or yourself) pop a bottle and have someone make an impromptu toast. Be sure to have the tissues ready. This may be a teary moment.

Take 5

You know how everyone says “you’re wedding day goes by so fast?”. It really does! Therefor takes 5 minutes just for yourself. When your bridesmaids are getting dressed or doing whatever, take 5 minutes alone. Soak up the moment. Take it all in that this is your wedding day.


If your soon to be hubby wrote you a letter or maybe you wrote a letter to your bride tribe or mom saying thanks for everything, take a moment throughout the day and read it while being present.

Getting Dressed

Only have one person help you get dressed (especially if there is a lot of personalties in the room). I’ve seen so

many times how overwhelming this moment can be and if there are too many people in the room the bride never gets the chance to take in the moment and to actually just look at herself in the mirror with her wedding dress on. Choose one person, your mom/sister/bridesmaid whoever to help you dress.

Bridesmaid Reveal

I’m such a sucker for this one especially if none of the bridesmaids have seen the dress before. Ask your photographer to gather all your bridesmaids and have them close their eyes. The photographer can tell them when to open it once you are standing in front of them. *tip to the photographer: don’t ever stop shooting in this moment. It’s not just about the initial reaction, it’s about the hugs and tears afterwards as well.

Let Mom take her own photos

Haha ag shame. But really. Don’t get annoyed. Just let her have her few photos. You’re her daughter and she’s probably so proud of you! Don’t shun her away. Pose for her photos and give her a big “thanks mom for everything hug” afterwards

Have a moment with Dad

There is this photo of me and my dad on my wedding day where we are holding hands and I remember him saying, “Are you ready for this? I’m so proud of you!” That photo means the world to me today.

Even if you are running a bit late, just take a deep breath and hold your dad’s hands and look into each other’s eyes. Moments like this are what matters the most.

Don't be afraid to ask your Bridesmaids for Help

There is more to being a bridesmaid than just standing next to the bride in the chapel. Ask your bridesmaids to help carry your veil, flowers or even dress. I know this sounds obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up carrying the bride’s veil or dress because the bridesmaids were too self involved with how they look that they couldn’t bother helping the bride. If you have bridesmaids, put them to good use.

Its ok to be late

It's ok to be a bit late, it's normal. He will wait for you.

The Aisle

Walk slow, smile and take in the moment.

The First Kiss

Kiss slow and long.

Petal / Confetti Toss

Once surrounded by your favourite people, grab each other for another kiss. A Passionate one!

PS - Biodegradable is always best!

First Dance

Groom - please give your Bride a slow twirl, look at her and only her.


We know you don't like photos, we get it.

There is only one Wedding Day, treat your Bride like the Queen she is, touch, kiss and lift her up.


Us photographers know that its very tedias, taking so many photos BUT it is our job and after the day is over,

the photos and video are all you're going to have. We do try be quick during couple photos but these are the photos you will print and frame, so trust us and have patience.